Saturday, November 15, 2008

Traditional solo boxing workout

Many boxing gyms I’ve trained at had a standard workout that they posted. You followed it or didn’t and did your own thing. Unless you were under the direction of a specific trainer you were usually left to train on your own. Of course, most didn’t know that the trainers were still watching to see who had talent or qualities that they wanted to train – if you didn’t work then you didn’t get any special attention. At least this was how it was in some gyms, others they put you in the ring for some light sparing to see what you had and then decided whether to work with you or put you out on your own. Most boxing gyms I have trained at never had a specific course of training as a new be, except the general “Boxers Workout” posted on a sheet of paper on the wall (some didn’t have that). Many of the gyms I trained at were AC’s, or Athletic Clubs, and charges for membership ranged from $60 a year to $10-20 a month, quite different than the commercial training centers now that charge $100 plus a month for training. But, the commercial gyms now take a more active roll in training, even if it’s less personal.

For my solo training session today I went back to the general “Boxers Workout” format. What’s tried and true is just that. It’s basic, effective and no frills, just hard work with a purpose. I only had about 40 minutes to train so I made the most of it, adding some conditioning drills at the end. Here it is:

  • 2x3min/1min jump-rope (last 30 sec double unders)
  • 2x3min Maize bag
Heavy Bag 3min/1min

  • 1 round jabs only (high, low, doubles, triples)
  • 1 round mid range (jab, cross, hooks, etc)
  • 1 round close quarter with hard punches
  • Kettlebell Swings – 3 rounds of 30sec swing/ 1min rest
  • Wheel rollouts from knees 3 sets of 10
The traditional “Boxers Workout” in many gyms I trained at was:
3 rounds jump-rope
3 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds speed bag
3 rounds heavy bag (as above)
sit-ups and burpees

I changed it up a bit, I’m re-mounting the speed bag, and due to time constraints I didn’t do shadow boxing.

I hope to have some new videos out soon on a heavy bag tool to improve your defense, the "Bag Stick". This is a great tool for working your defense along with your offense on the bag. It used to be sold by Ringside but they don't seem to make anymore. I'll be showing how to use it as well as how to make yor own.

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