Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bad scheduling

Due to repeated scheduling conflicts our practices keep changing around and as a result my posts on here have been infrequent lately. For this I apologize to all who read this blog.

The good news is that I am still up and running: still working my boxing, muay thai and grappling (as much as possible training alone).

As a result I'll be posting more information on solo training for boxing, muay thai and grappling - regarding drills, conditioning and technique. I'm putting together a new video on the "Bag Stick - a lost training tool" as soon as I can rebuild mine. This is a tool I used to use back when Ringside Boxing sold innovative boxing equipment (they still have great stuff and I continue to use it but the tools they offer are more limited now).

I'll close with a great video on training and learning the left hook by a friend of mine in Australia, enjoy and learn:
(Click on the link to see the video).

I'll be posting a regular schedule for open gym training very soon, drop in's are welcome and encouraged. If I'm training alone, all the better. Love to see you here.

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