Thursday, November 20, 2008

Old School Boxing

Here is another standard boxing workout. This one comes via Ringside and John Brown. For the full book from Ringside check out:

Well here's the workout:
  • Warm-up 5 minutes – primarily stretching
  • 3 rounds Shadow Boxing
  • 3-4 Rounds Sparing (twice a week)
  • 3 Rounds Double End Bag
  • 3 Rounds Heavy Bag
  • 3 Rounds Jump Rope
  • 3 Rounds Mitt Work
  • 3 Rounds Speed Bag
  • 20 minutes abs and stretching
In this program rounds are 2 minutes with up to 1 minute rest. If you follow this workout its about 1 hour.
The changes I would suggest are to replace the stretching warm-up with dynamic activities like footwork drill (The Line) and general muscle warm-up like Burpees, Push-ups, Pull-ups, Sqauts etc. Also the end of the workout should consist of similar exercises at a higher intensity, including medicine ball work, powerlifting (as long as its safe, not to tired), etc.

For those working out on your own I would suggest the Slip Line and Maize Bag as substitutions for the Mitt work.
(Please post suggestions, comments, or questions below)


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