Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mixed training

Great training Saturday with Rick. We mixed it up a bit with boxing, kickboxing a bit of stick fighting work. Also had a visit from Brad, who we hope will come train within the next few weeks (he's got a good background in ground work - we'll finally be pulling out the matts).

Warmup: 3 min jumprope
Defense Circuit: 2min/30sec rounds
  • Maize bag - 1 round each lead
  • Slip line - 1 round each lead

Shadow Boxing: 3min/1min

  • 1 round each lead

Mitt work: 3min/1min. We switched each round and cycled through to work each lead.

  • combination: lead roundhouse low - cross-hook-cross - lead roundhouse
  • offense defense: jab-cross - Feeder throws lead hook high - bob and weave under and return cross-hook-cross

Single Stick work: no formal rounds just worked the drills

  • long range 1-4-2 angles
  • mid range pattern
  • bridge range between mid and close quarter
  • work on breaking in and out of these 3 ranges

That was it, we did get a few stares from neighboors especially with the stick drills. Next Saturday we'll add some Greco Roman pummeling drills and some Silat leg sweep drills to the mix. During the week I'm going to start working some drills from Scott Sonnon's Grapplers Toolbox to prepare myself for adding ground work back in.