Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thursday Night Training

I apologize for being a bit late in posting our workout on Thursday, I had every intention of posting this yesterday but time got the better of me.

Roll Call: Tony, Mike

2x3min/1min jump rope
2 rounds of – 10 pull-ups, 3 ring dips, 10 overhead squats, hip stretch, 10 GHD situps, 10 lumbar extensions

Footwork/Agility 2min/30sec 1 circuit
Forward and Back footwork
Side to side
Forward crossover
Side crossover

Defense Circuit 3min/1min 1 circuit
Maize ball
Rope line
Heavy bag

Shadow Boxing 3min/1min
Round 1 full spin Thai roundhouse kick left and right
Round 2 punching and kicking combinations – any we have used so far

Heavy Bag and Thai Pads 2min/1min
Tony and Mike alternated Thai pads and Heavy Bag for 4 rounds
Heavy bag
  • Round 1 lead thai kick-cross-left hook-rear thai
  • Round 2 – jab cross – lead/rear thai kick (working both combos)


  • Round 1 Jab-cross-lead thai- block rear thai- return rear thai
  • Round 2 – lead foot jab-rear thai-left hook-cross-left hook


Round Robin – 30 sec alternating double thai kicks (right-right, left-left) each person did 2 kicking rounds (including me)

Glove Drills
These were done as a continuous Round Robin, 1 minute rounds – 1st time through 3 people we switched aggressor and continued.

  • Left hook cover – both sides working (thrower focus on proper form for punch and receiver on keeping tight on the cover – also motioned the cross return)
  • Jabs – single jabs, defender working on slips to each side as well as the catch


1 minute rounds rotate each minute to next station completed 2 full circuits

  • Wall ball – 20 pound ball held at chest-full squat and throw at 10 foot target-catch and repeat for full round
  • Sumo Deadlift High Pull – 65 pound bar – from deadlift to full hip extension with bar to chin- as many reps as possible for full round
  • Decline Ring Rows – on gymnastic rings perform as many rows in full round (body in reverse plank position).

Originally planned on 3 circuits for the “Finisher” but it was much harder than expected at the end of Thursday’s workout so we settled on 2 (I’m still sore today but it was much worse on Friday).

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