Sunday, May 4, 2008

Boxing day

Another great day - weather was perfect and even better no injuries.

Roll call: Tony, Mike

2 x 3min/1min Jump-rope (last 30sec of each round doubles)
2 Rounds of 10 pull-ups, 8 ring pushups, 10 squats, hip stretch, 10 situps, 10 back extensions

Agility/Footwork (2min/30sec)
Double leg hop going across the line forward and back
Double leg hop across the line side to side
Foreward and back
Side to Side

Defense Circuit (3min/1min - 2 circuits)
Maize ball
Slip Line
Heavy Bag (working on mainitaining distance - in/out/side/circle)

Heavy Bag (3min/1min)
Left hook - slip to outside then throw hook
Right cross - slip to inside then thow cross

Shadow Boxing (3min/1min) 2 rounds
I've neglected this so far but we focused on it today - it's always uncomfortable the first time you do shadow boxing (its much different than bag or mitt work).

The next 2 drills we did in an alternating fashion until Tony and Mike each completed 2 rounds of each.
Mitt Drills (3min/1min)
-Holder throws JAB - slip to inside and return cross, left hook, cross
-Holder throws JAB CROSS - catch jab, slip cross to outside and return left hook, cross, left hook
Heavy Bag (3min/1min)
Work jab, double jab, high low jab, jab-cross, jab-cross-hook

Glove Drills (3min/1min) 3 rounds
Working off the jab - slip inside, slip outside or catch

We set the clock for 1:15 rounds for this one (needed the extra 15 seconds for change overs). Everyone completed 3 full circuits.
-Punch out on heavy bag (jab-cross-jab-cross - repeat until you drop)
-Kettlebell Farmers walk (we used one 24kg in one hand and 2 12kg in the other - keep walking for the entire round)
-Active Rest - hold bag

Everyones shoulders felt toasted by the end of this one.

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