Saturday, May 10, 2008

One on one training

One on one coaching with Mike due to Tony being tied up with a Fire exam this morning.

Mike ran an 8k race this morning before coming for his workout (that’s 5 miles for the metrically challenged). He had forgotten about the race until today and as a result didn’t practice much for it but felt his conditioning here really paid off in the race. He finished in about 40 minutes and felt fresh at the end, another runner who finished with him said he was going home to rest and Mike told him he was heading to the gym for a workout (I just imagine the shock on the other runners face).

Since we worked one on one I focused primarily on technique, mainly slips and the left hook. We did skip the jump rope at the start since he had just come from a 5 mile run.

2 rounds of 10 pull-ups, 3 ring dips, hip stretch, 10 overhead body weight squats, 10 Roman Chair sit-ups and 10 back extensions on the Roman Chair

Agility/Footwork 2min/30sec 1 circuit
Forward and back
Side to side
Double leg hop forward and back going across the line
Double leg hop side to side going up and back across the line

Before the defense circuit I had Mike do 1x3min round practicing slips against an upright pole – essentially the same as the shoulder bump drill.

Defense Circuit 3min/1min 2 circuits
  • Maize ball
  • Slip line – I had Mike add straight punching into his bob and weave to make it a more offensive drill as well as working on rotating the shoulders more with the weave. When he bobbed and weaved under to the right he came up and threw a jab and to the left he threw a cross.
  • Heavy bag – working distance and the pivot step

Glove Drills 3min/1min
2 rounds of slip practice – practice slipping to the left and right against a jab, first stationary followed by moving.

Focus Mitts 3min/1min

  • First round we focused on throwing the left elbow, emphasis on leg and hip torque with the shoulder moving just before the elbow.
  • Second round was the left hook, followed the same as for the elbow just a bit further away, he finished with a stronger more relaxed hook.
  • Third round – outside slip followed by left hook-cross-left hook, we also mixed in the jab, jab-cross, jab-cross-hook
  • Forth round – inside slip followed by cross-left hook-cross again mixing in the jab, jab-cross, jab-cross-hook

Finisher 4 circuits of:

  • 40sec punch out on heavy bag
  • 40sec 20” box jumps
  • 40sec rest

Each round was separated by a 10sec break to allow moving to the next station.

After we were done I showed Mike some videos of Ross Enamaits training – truly impressive.

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