Friday, May 23, 2008

Mixed training

Initially we were schedule to train Tuesday and Friday this week but due to my wife, Laura, coming down with a very serious case of strep throat we had to cancel Tuesday so I could care for her. Most of us have had strep throat at some time in our lives and sometimes are worse than others, hers was the worst - high fever with severe pain in her throat and her whole body (very frightening for me). Because of this I called off Tuesday's practice so I could help her. It's always difficult for me to see anyone in pain especially when there is so little I can really do to help. It's different when you can do something to remove the pain and a whole different thing when you just have to help someone you love bear it until it gets better (hopefully). I am so relieved that she is doing so much better today (it's her first day out of bed since this began). I ask all you reading this to look to the health of all of your loved ones and help them in their times of need, it can be difficult but caring for them and helping them get better makes life worthwhile.

With that said I want to dedicate this session to my Wife Laura who's 43rd birthday is tomorrow.

We combined our boxing and Thai fighting day to make up for our missed practice earlier this week.

Roll Call: Tony, Mike

2x3min jump rope (last 30sec of each round double under’s)
2 Rounds – 10 pull ups, 3 ring dips, hip stretch, 10 overhead squats (5 foot long bar held overhead, keeping it in line with mid foot), 10 GHD situps, 10 back extensions

Defense Circuit 3min/1min 2 rounds:
Heavy bag – working distance, pivot, in/out on a swinging bag
Maize ball – slips, counter punching, timing
Rope Line – bob and weave, forward and back footwork, etc

Shadow Boxing 3min/1min
Full spin thai round kick both legs

Bag work 3min/1min
Jab-cross-hook-cross-lead thai round-cross
Jab-cross-rear thai- hook punch

Glove Drills with shin guards
Round Robin – 2:10 rounds with off round on the heavy bag
Lead mid level thai kick leg defense
Rear mid level thai kick defense
Defense against lead hook – cover (2 rounds each)

We finished (as usual) with a conditioning drill. Each person did a 2:30 round of alternating double thai round kick on the pads.

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