Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thai Day

Tuesday night
Roll Call: Tony, Mike

2x3min/1min jump rope (last 30sec each round doubles)
2 rounds of - 10 pullups, 8 ring pushups, hip stretch, 10 squats, 10 GHD situps, 10 back extensions
Defense Circuit: 2 circuits 3min/1min
Maize ball
Slip line
Heavy bag - work on maintaining distance and circling

Shadow boxing:
2 x 3min/1min Front and Rear Thai round kick (working on full spin, keeping hip engaged)
2x3min/1min Front and rear Front Kick

Partner Drills:
2x3min/1min midline cover for Rear Thai Kick - cover and return Rear leg Thai Kick
2x3min/1min Lead Front kick defense (scoop to outside with lead hand)

Rotation/round robin drill - one person holds, another kicks with rear leg and third kicks with lead leg - each round everyone moves clockwise. Rounds 1:30min, total rounds 3 (3min kicking for each person).

3 rounds
Heavy bag carry (bear hug) from garage to curb and back
5 knees to elbows on pullup bar
15 lumbar extensions
We moved through the workout at a good pace (about 1 hour 45 minutes total). Everyone was a bit tired to start and by the end very tired, if I'm any indication I can say I slept very well. Today was a bit rough, my back was sore for most of the day (it's fine now) and I was pretty fatiqued for the whole day. I'm thankfull that today is a rest day (at least from working out - still have to actually work).

Saturday we'll be focusing on boxing drills.

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