Sunday, April 27, 2008

Boxing day

Saturday 4/26

Roll Call: Tony, Mike
2x3min/1min Jumprope (last 30sec each round doubles)
2 rounds of 10 pullups, 3 ring dips, hip stretch, 10 squats, 10 roman chair situps, 10 back extensions

30 sec rounds (continuous)
-single leg hop forward and back going across line (30sec right, 30sec left)
-single leg hop side to side going forward and back across line (30sec right, 30 sec left)
2min/1min rounds
-forward and back with jab
-side to side with jab
Defense Circuit 2 circuits of 3min/1min rounds
Maize ball
Slip Line
Swing heavy bag - practice maintaining distance

3 way Partner shoulder bump drill (close range hands up, both slip to inside touching left shoulders, then slip to outside touching right shoulders) - 2 times round robin, switch partner every 30sec

Glove Drills (3min/1min)
Jab - catch - return jab
Jab cross - catch then slip to inside
3 way Partner bob and weave drill (one holds left straight out - partner practices bob and weave under arm) - 2 tiems round roben, switch partner every 30 sec

Glove Drills (3min/1min)
Catch/block or bob and weave lead hook (2 rounds)

Punch out drill
-3 person: 1 holds bag, 1 resting, 1 punching rotate each 30 seconds
-continuous hard punching for 30sec (mainly jab/cross)
-each person completes 5 total punching rounds (30sec punching, 1 min total rest each round)
Practice went smoothly today - weather was fairly good but cool enough and windy enough that we needed to keep the garage closed for the first hour. The Finisher was particularly tough today since we had all thrown so many jabs over the course of practice - starting at the 3 round the last 15 sec of punching was really tough on my left shoulder (no pain, just felt dead). Nerxt practice will be back to a focus on kickboxing/thai boxing.
The shoulder bump drill was added to reinforce body mechanics for the slip as well as provide practice for later infighting drill. The stationary arm bob and weave was done for a similar reason - helping reinforce body mechanics against a live target and building awareness of distance.

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