Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A great fitness excuse the “Birthday Challenge”

We shouldn't need any excuses to be fit but frequently having a goal helps by giving us a direction. A birthday challenge is a great way to keep motivation going – much better in my view than simply having a New Years Resolution. A birthday challenge gives you the goal not of completing something by your next birthday but ON your next birthday, the day of your birthday is the test day. Probably the most well known for this is Mark Madson with his wrestlers birthday challenge: your age in pull-ups, your age in dips, twice your age pushups, 2 climbs up a 16 foot pegboard, 1 true one arm pull up with each hand – all in 25 minutes.

He’s a bit of a showman but his physical abilities are very impressive. Other ideas for a challenge could be to do one of the “Girls” or “Heroes” workouts from Crossfit scaling the numbers for age and time:

Another great source is

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