Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back to some standup work

Back after a long holiday weekend, time to work off the feast. We had another mid-day workout on Monday. More focus on some the groundwork basics. We had to leave out some of the drills that we did last week due to Tony’s new tattoo, he got it on his shoulder and upper arm which prevented us from any work that might involve friction or grabbing those areas.

Roll Call: Tony

3 rounds – 10 pull-ups, 10 ring push-ups, hip stretch, 10 GHD sit-ups, 10 back (hip) extensions

Matt work (2min/1min each)
  • Knee running (forward, back then side to side)
  • Sit-out (from quarter position – alternating legs)
  • From knees to butterfly guard and back to knees – alternating sides
Defense Circuit 2min/30sec (2 circuits – 1 circuit each lead)
  • Maize ball
  • Rope line
Circuit 3min/1min (2 circuits – 1 circuit each lead)
  • Top and Bottom Bag
  • Speed bag
Heavy Bag 3min/1min
  • Left lead distance work (jabs, crosses and longer hooks)
  • Right lead distance work (jabs, crosses and longer hooks)
  • Inside work (hooks, uppercuts, crosses, etc)
Finisher (3 circuits)
  • 75lb barbell clean 45sec
  • 30 sec rest
  • Punch out on Heavy bag 35 sec
  • 20 sec rest
Again we had to work around some limitations, Tony's shoulder and my foot, but we still got a great workout and some good quality work done. It was a relief to me to be able to do some actual work on the bags again even though I still have to watch how hard I'm pushing off my right foot (jumprope and some footwork drills are still out). Standup work definitely felt a bit awkward after so much time off.
Keep moving and stay healthy.