Friday, August 22, 2008

Quick Muay Thai Day

We started at 8:45 this morning for our Muay Thai focus day. The weather has finally shifted back so we had a wonderful, sunny with 80% humidity, morning workout. I’m not what I’d consider a morning person but looked forward to the challenge. This morning’s workout was fast paced due to time pressure (I needed to get my daughter to school, then get showered and changed to get into work before my first patient).

The first round of our warm-up was jump-rope (3min), all other rounds following that were 2 min with a 30 second rest which we ran continuously. We had a few short breaks for introduction to technique for some new combinations. In the end, we finished on time, 45 minutes.

  • Jump-rope 1 (3min) round – last 30sec doubles
  • Thai footwork – up and back with most of the weight on rear foot 1 (2min/30sec) round
  • Hop back and forward 1 (2min/30sec) round
  • Shadow boxing thai kick 1 round with full spin 1 (2min/30) rounds
  • Hop back against rear kick to knee 1 (2min/30sec) round each
  • Pads evade rear thai – return rear thai 1 (2min/30sec) round each
  • Front kick (foot jab) on pads 1 (2min/30sec) round each
  • 1-2-3 R and L kicks on pads (alternate after each series) 1 (2min.30sec) round each
  • Front kick (foot jab) defense (scoop) 1 (2min/30sec) round each
  • Pads front kick (foot jab) defense – return rear kick after scoop 1 (2min/30sec) round each

The challenge in many of these workouts is to keep it intense (the easier part), and fun (if it isn’t interesting only the most dedicated want to do it), all the while working on technique (you can have a super hard workout but without a focus on technique you may as well be doing Tae Bo – not to knock people doing Tae Bo but their focus is purely on conditioning while ours is on fighting).

In this workout we did a general warm-up, then some technique warm-up followed by application. We then continued by working on the elements of skill following with working its application. We also mixed in some direct technique/conditioning. The general focus of this workout was obviously on Muay Thai Training – but more than that it was on the fundamentals, technique, combinations and defense with counters. Conditioning (strength, power, endurance, agility – in this case) was automatically built into this workout.

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