Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Heavy Day

We worked it hard last night, I was actually to beat to write this up after the workout which is why I'm posting it now. My goal was to focus on basic training; as a result we did a lot of bag work on various bags.

Roll Call: Tony, Mike

Warm-up: 2 x 3min/1min Jump rope (last 30sec of each round double unders)
2 rounds of – 10 pull ups, 8 ring pushups, 10 overhead squats, hip stretch, 10 GHD situps, 10 back extensions

Footwork/Agility 2min/30sec
  • Forward and Back
  • Side to side
Defense Circuit 3min/1min 2 circuits
  • Maize ball – working in and out, slips etc
  • Rope Line – bob and weave up and back
  • Heavy Bag – working distance and moving around the bag
Shadow Boxing 3min/1min
  • Thai round kicks with full spin (follow through)
  • Combinations – any foot, hand or hand and foot combinations we have worked
Offense Circuit 3min/1min 2 circuits
  • Heavy bag – kicking focus (foot and hand foot combinations – last 30 seconds each round continuous work)
  • Heavy bag – punching focus (hand combinations only - last 30 seconds each round continuous punching)
  • Top and bottom bag – we used a smaller and faster bag than in the past, focus was on jabs and jab cross, mainly just being able to land consistently
Finisher “Quarter Gone Bad”
3 rounds
  • 15 sec 75lb thruster
  • 45 sec rest
  • 15 sec pull-ups
  • 45 sec rest
  • 15 sec burpee’s
  • 45 sec rest

Just for the record here is how everyone did in the finisher:
  • Thruster 5-5-5
  • Pull-ups 8-6-6
  • Burpee 4-4-4
  • Thruster 4-3-3
  • Pull-ups 7-7-6
  • Burpee 6-5-5
Tom (me)
  • Thruster 5-6-5
  • Pull-ups 11-12-10
  • Burpee 5-5-6

This workout ended up being a rather brutal one – at the end everyone was ready to call it a day. By the time we were up to the finisher I gave Tony and Mike the choice of glove drills or the “Quarter Gone Bad” and neither wanted to do any more punching (our Offense Circuit was 6x3minute rounds of punching).

Our next practice is Saturday at 10am-Noon.

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