Thursday, March 27, 2008

Out of town visitors

Sunday 3/23 was a bust due to Easter – we planned for training but family commitments (and one injury) prevented attendance. We are slated to be back on track next Saturday.

Monday 3/24 some out of town guests for an introductory class on boxing and kickboxing. Nephews, Alex and Eric, as well as another friend are over for the week from Ireland and wanted a taste of the training we’ve been doing. Here’s what we did:
3 sets of 10 pushups and 10 situps

Footwork introduction
Stance on the line – forward toe lined up with rear heel on the line
2min each
Forward and Back
Side to side

Punching introduction
Left jab in the air 2 min
Left jab on the bag 2x2min on the heavy bag
Cross in the air 2 min
Cross on the bag 2 min
Jab cross on the bag 2 min

Kicking introduction
Front kick step to chamber only(making sure rear/support foot angled at 90 to direction of kick) 2 min
Front kick (step, chamber, kick) 2 min
Front kick on the bag 2 x 2 min

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