Tuesday, March 18, 2008

One on one training

Yes, we are still in action.

Last week it was Tony and Frank and we ran through our Warm-up, Agility/Footwork Drill, Defense Circuit, then went on to Thai pad training and focus mitt training focusing on hook punches, knees and thai round kicks.

Roll Call: Tony – every one else out for reasons varying from hand injury requiring stitches to lost car keys, we’ll be running light on people the next few weeks

2 Rounds 10 pull-ups, 8 ring pushups, 10 squats, hip stretch, 10 sit-ups, and 10 lumbar extensions.

Defense Circuit 2 times 3min/1min
  • Heavy Bag - (forward/back/pivot maintaining distance)
  • Maize Ball – slipping w/punches
  • Slip Line – up and back w/punching
  • Top+Bottom Bag – jab and jab cross with single and double slip

New skills
Glove drills focusing on inside and outside slip for jab and jab cross with low jab and low cross counter.
Thai Round Kick defenses – mid line leg block and high line arm block.

May seem a bit short but we still filled 2 hours of workout time using the timer on 3min/1min rounds honing skills. When I’m 1 on 1 with training I prefer to use that time to focus on refining technique while still working hard (punches and kicks need to land “as if you mean it” or, if you will, keeping it real).

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