Thursday, August 5, 2010

Getting back in shape!!!

My training this year has been sporadic to say the least. I lost my last training partners in the fall and winter due to my injuries and their job changes. Now it’s time to get going again. I’m motivated and I’ve already started to get myself back into fighting shape.

Over the next 6 weeks I am working hard to:

  • Cut the belly/body fat (back down to 15% from 20.8%)
  • Get back into fighting shape:
  • Cardio fit test from 32 down to 28
  • Max Push-up from 29 to 40
  • And the subjective measure of feeling comfortable with 4 full/heavy rounds on the heavy bag.

So far this week I’ve accomplished the following:

Monday 8/2/10

Superset 1 (5 sets)

Bench Press – flat, pause on chest, rep range 6-10, went up to 165lbs

Wide grip pull ups – min. 8 reps, last 3 sets with assistance

Superset 2 (3 sets)

DB Incline Press – 50lb dumbbells

Single arm bent Row – 60lb dumbbell

Tuesday 8/3/10

5 sets OH Squat working up to 125lb doubles

5 sets Snatch working up to 135lb singles

2 Supersets of 2 min rounds (no rest)

  • Maize bag, Slip line, Speed bag (1 round each lead)

2 x 3min/1min heavy bag (1 round each lead mainly working jab and distance, last 30sec each round continuous punching)

Wednesday 8/4/10

High fatigue today, ended up making it a rest day

Thurday 8/5/10

Fitness Testing:

Nordic Track Treadmill Fit-Test: 32

Max sit-up in 60sec: 35

Max Push-up: 29

Deadlift working to 1RM: 5x135, 4x225, 5x245, 2x265, 1x275, 1x285


3x3min/1min Top and Bottom Bag (last 30sec each round keeping very busy)

3x3min/1min Heavy Bag (last 30sec each round continuous punching)

(Roman Chair sit-ups between all rounds: 10, 10, 7, 5, 5, 5)

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