Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday's Workout

Had a slightly late start due to a car in the garage and not being able to find a key to move it. Thanks to Tony we got the key and were able to use the whole garage.

Roll Call: Mike, Frank, Tony

Warm- Up
2 rounds -10 Pull-ups, 3 Ring Dips, 10 Squats, Hip Stretch, 10 Sit-ups, 10 Lumbar Extensions

Agility/Footwork Drills 2min/30sec rest
  • Forward + Back w/punch

  • Side to Side w/punch

  • Forward Crossover

  • Side Crossover

  • Hip Switch
Circuit 2 times through 3min/1min rest
  • Heavy Bag

  • Maize Ball

  • Mitts – focus on shoulder roll in defense of cross

Glove Drills 3min/1min

2 rounds

  • 1min jab catch alternating sides

  • 2 min jab cross – catch and shoulder roll

Thai Pads 3min/1min

  • Jab cross – rear round – jab cross – front round

  • Jab cross – front round – avoid rear round – return rear round

Tabata Squats 6 rounds (20/10sec work/rest)

Squats per round:

Next week we’ll add a few new drills and equipment pieces to the workout.

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